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Home Renovations Ottawa

We get many inquiries about our company and the various home renovations Ottawa services we provide.  We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions which we hope will assist you in your search for Home Renovations Ottawa  answers.

Do you have a trusted network of trades that we can use?

Yes, over the last two decades we’ve compiled a list of trusted professionals that we deal with on a regular basis.  Although we take care of many aspects of your home renovations Ottawa, there are some areas in which we are not licensed to do so.  This includes other trades such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, foundation specialists, architects, and engineers.  If we are doing a renovation for you, we coordinate their services and add their price to ours and provide you with one complete contract.  Should you require their services independently for a repair, we are happy to provide you with their coordinates directly.  Please note that Gordmay Construction is not affiliated or partnered with any of these companies and as such, assumes no liability by providing recommendations.

Do you recommend using a Designer for my project?

It depends on the size and scope of your project.  If you’re in need of design ideas or assistance with color/materials selection, or perhaps how to reconfigure a space, it might be a good idea to retain the services of an interior designer.  We can assist by showing you pictures of past projects to give you some ideas, or you can visit various sites such as houzz.com & show us what you have in mind.

Does my project require a Building Permit?

It depends on the scope of your project.  Any projects involving structural changes, the relocation of plumbing lines, major demolition, decks over certain size/height, basements etc. do require that the home owner obtains a building permit.  For more information on whether your home renovations Ottawa project will require a permit, go to the City of Ottawa link.

We can also apply on your behalf for an additional fee.  Although it can seem like a tedious process, it is in place to protect both, the home owner and the contractor.  An experienced reputable contractor will not shy away from following the proper processes to ensure things are done correctly.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, depending upon the size of your renovation and your credit rating, this can be discussed prior to the contract being signed and work commencing.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, online banking e-transfers or cash.  All invoices are subject to HST.

Do you offer free estimates?

We offer an initial site visit which is free.  In this meeting we will discuss your project with you and provide a ballpark estimate at which time we will also discuss your budget.  If it is determined that your project and budget are feasible, we will provide you with a written estimate which will be emailed to you.  Should your home renovation Ottawa project involve detailed investigation, consultation and follow up, design or building permit-there is an additional charge for this service.

What should I do to prepare for my initial meeting with Gordmay?

You can have a detailed list of your renovation and prioritize in order of importance to you.  If you are looking at doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation for example, you’ll want to go out to various suppliers to look at things like cabinetry, tile selection, plumbing fixtures, flooring etc.  We can provide you with a list of suppliers where you can go to view their products.  Your materials selection is an important factor in determining overall contract cost.  Once you’ve signed a contract with us, we’d be happy to meet with you at the suppliers to assist you in any way we can.

Do you have a written contract?

Yes, your estimate will contain a detailed scope of work, estimated duration of your project, proposed start and end date, general details, amount of contract, payment details and other contractual information.  We ask that this be reviewed, and if you are in agreement, sign the last page and return the completed contract to us by email.  At this time any required deposits should be made.  Once we’ve received your deposit, we will schedule your project and confirm the start date.

How long after your initial site visit can I expect my written estimate?

We will typically return your estimate within 3 business days after the initial site visit.  If your project is detailed and extensive we require at least 5 days to complete.

Can you break your estimate down to show materials and labour separately?

No, we do not do this.  As a simple rule of thumb, estimates are typically a 60/40 split between labor costs and materials.  We like to use the analogy that you don’t go to a restaurant and ask how much the eggs and bacon cost, you buy the breakfast for the price that’s on the menu.

Do I need to have a budget in mind for my renovation?

Yes, in our initial site visit we will discuss your project and budget.  As experienced contractors we have an idea on estimated costs associated with your type of renovation and you know what you have to spend.  Offering free estimates can be a time consuming challenge and we ask our potential clients to be respectful with our time.  If you are simply shopping around for prices, let us know, we are more than happy to offer you a ballpark estimate but cannot allocate extensive amounts of time into providing detailed estimates that will not materialize.

Will I be charged extras throughout my project?

As contractors with over 20+ years in the renovation business, we are experienced in many areas and can typically forecast the un-foreseens that may occur in your project.  We account for these at the initial estimate stage which is why our price may be a little higher than others.  We are respectful of our client’s budgets and like to keep to our initial estimate without charging for little extras throughout the duration of your project.  If a major change occurs, by either the customer’s request or site conditions we must charge an extra in the form of a change order.  All change order templates must be approved and signed by the home owner prior to the work being completed.

How long will my renovation take?

Gordmay Construction takes pride in our reputation for doing what we say we will do, for the amount we agree upon and in the given timeframes we’ve allotted.  We seldom if ever, miss deadlines as we respect the customer’s need to have their homes back to normalcy in as little time as possible.  We will not start your project and disappear for days on end while we juggle other projects.  We are at your home, from start until the job is finished and you are satisfied.

What can I expect during my home renovations Ottawa?

You can expect a group of experienced carpenters with a good attitude and sense of humor to show up each morning, on time.  You can ask as many questions as you’d like without feeling like you’re imposing on our time.  We’re happy to have you engage and be a part of the process.  You will receive daily communication with the owners on the status of your project with pictures if requested.  You can expect to come home to a clean and tidy work area each day.  Finally, you can expect a worry free renovation with a reputable company that you’ll want to call back for any future home renovations Ottawa.

Do I have to be home during my renovation?

No, you do not need to be home during the renovation.  We can make arrangements to obtain your key and ensure your home is locked at the end of each day.  We do ask that we obtain a cell phone number where you can be contacted during the day should questions arise.

Do you carry Contractor Liability insurance and WSIB coverage?

Yes, we carry both and provide you copies when we email your estimate to you.

What is Contractor Liability and WSIB?

Contractor liability is an insurance that your contractor should have.  Industry standard is $2M in coverage in the event that the contractor causes damage to your home while working on your premises.  WSIB is workplace safety insurance board. It is a mandatory insurance that contractors must carry for themselves and their employees which ensures they have coverage should they injure themselves while at work.  If the contractor fails to have this coverage and the worker is injured in your home, then it is home owners insurance policy that is liable. WSIB is an expensive insurance that typically costs employers in our industry between 8-10% of each persons gross salary per month.  A contractor may be permitted to not carry WSIB coverage if they work for and are paid directly and only by residential home owners – in other words, they are not doing commercial work and do not sub their services out to other companies.

Are you a member of the GOHBA, RenoMark™ & BBB?

Yes, we are BBB members with an A+ rating and were the 2013 Torch Award Finalists in Marketplace Trust.  We’ve also won GOHBA’s prestigious award for the best contemporary bathroom over 100 sq/ft in partnership with Astro Design.  Members in good standing with RenoMark™

What is your warranty coverage?

We offer a 1 year labor warranty on minor home repairs and a 2 year warranty on all major renovations with materials carrying their own product specific warranties…but don’t worry, we stand behind our work and call backs for warranty issues are not something we get, so if there’s ever a problem you can always reach us.

Do you have a list of previous clients I can contact?

Yes, all of the testimonials on this website are from actual past clients of Gordmay Construction.  When we email your estimate, we also include a list of clients and phone numbers you can call to inquire about their experience with our team, or choose from any of the testimonials on our page above.

I have obtained a few estimates from different companies for the same job, why do the prices vary so much?

This is a very typical question with many answers.  Much depends upon the company’s operating costs, is it a one man show-or a mid to larger size operation?  If a company is smaller in size they don’t typically have the overhead that a larger one does, and as such, they may charge a lower rate to do the same work.  That being said, it may take them a little longer to complete your project, do they offer the same warranties and expertise?  You have to ensure you are comparing like for like.  Are the materials that are being used of the same in quality?  Most companies don’t offer detailed breakdowns of materials and scope and it is sometimes difficult to compare with others if your project is extensive.  Lastly, you want to ensure each of the companies is carrying required insurances to operate in our industry.  It’s costly to operate a legitimate home renovations Ottawa business and these premiums must be integrated into operating costs.  By meeting with each contractor and asking the right questions, you will probably have a good idea on the right contractor for you and your project.

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