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How to Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

Windows let a lot of natural light in and can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. They also showcase any beautiful scenery outside your home and can allow a natural breeze to come in to refresh the indoor air. However, windows can also lead to high-energy bills, especially old windows that haven’t been replaced in several years. Modern windows have higher energy-star ratings. If they’re installed correctly, they can reduce your energy bills by a considerable margin.

Fill in the Gaps

The most common culprits behind air leaks in windows are gaps. They let the cold air in and draw the warm air from your home. The result is a drafty room that requires considerable amount of energy to keep warm. You can avoid this by making sure that you find those gaps and fill them with caulking. You can check for cracks by shining a light on the windows during the night to see if the light passes through any gaps.

Weather Stripping

The space between the windows and the frames can be one of the biggest reasons behind air leaks. With the help of weather stripping, you can easily seal the space and reduce the leak. It’s a good idea to weather strip before winter sets in to benefit from the maximum energy savings.

Replace Broken Glass

You need to replace broken or cracked glass immediately; even if you have double-glazed windows with only one pane broken. If you have a crack in the glass, air will seep out. It’s very easy to replace the glass. All you need to do is remove the broken glass, shave away the old caulking that was holding it in place, add a new pane, and seal it in place. There are several DIY guides available online to show how this is done.

Install New Windows

No matter how well you repair your old windows and seal them, they won’t be as energy efficient as the new ones. Installing new, highly energy-efficient windows is a good investment. You can be certain that you’ll recover the money over time in energy savings.  The process of replacing doors and windows in your home can be a stressful one, let Gordmay take the worry out of it for you.  We schedule a site visit to take rough measurements for you and send it to one of our trusted window manufacturers for an estimate.  Upon approval to proceed, our team of experts will return to obtain precise measurements and place the order.  Windows typically take 4-6 weeks to arrive from the supplier.  If you are thinking of selling your home and do not want to replace your old windows, it’s a good idea to obtain pricing so that you can use this information as a bargaining tool in your negotiations with  potential buyers.