The Beam Installation Process Explained

Beams are an important aspect of your home’s frame and structure. They bear the weight of the building and make sure everything stays in place. A load-bearing beam is essential if you intend to remove load supporting walls and open up your floor plan for more space. This is a relatively big project that requires […]

Hiring A Beam Contractor, What You Should Know

Hiring a beam contractor isn’t something that you should take lightly. These structures form the framework of your home and provide essential support to the structure. Load bearing beams ensure that your home stays is place so they need to be installed carefully and with precision. At Gordmay Construction, your Ottawa beam installation experts, we recommend […]

rotted beam replacement

What you need to know about Structural Repairs

A building’s structure is what keeps it standing. A well-planned and constructed structure will ensure the property can withstand strong winds, rain, snow, and the weight of the house and people inside it. At Gordmay Construction, we’ve noticed that many customers don’t plan for structural repairs well enough and often weaken their property instead of […]

Communication is the Key

If you want the end result of your renovation project to be according to your specifications and requirements, you need to develop a good rapport with the contractors you hire. Most contractors welcome explanations and feedback because it keeps them on the right track with the project. At Gordmay Construction, we love clients who are […]

Bathroom Renovations Do’s & Dont’s

Bathrooms are generally small and tucked away inside a home, rarely visible to outsiders. These rooms can be very personal and homeowners often invest a considerable amount of thought and effort into designing them. At Gordmay Construction, we’ve seen many clients make the wrong bathroom design decisions and regret their choices down the line. So […]

Steel Niche Shelves

Most people like to save space in their bathrooms and shower stalls. They like to avoid bulky shelves that can protrude from the walls and take up valuable room. However, this is easier said than done because we all have common products like shampoo, soap, and conditioners on hand. After all, you can’t really step […]

Laminate FAQ

Laminate FAQ’s   Laminate vs. Wood. What’s the Difference?  It’s difficult to compare laminate and types of wood flooring because it is like comparing apples to oranges. Wood floors are expensive and popular for a reason. However, there are several reasons why you should choose laminate flooring over wood, including the following: Wood is difficult […]

Proper Ways to Stain your Deck

Installing or replacing a deck can be an expensive affair. That’s why it’s vital to maintain it properly and extend its life as much as you can. Regular maintenance will keep your deck looking great and ensure that it’s well protected from the elements as well. Depending on the wear and tear, you will only […]

Grab Bar Installation Ottawa

Which room do you think is the most dangerous in your home, the kitchen seems to be how most of us would answer, since there are fire and electrical hazards. To our surprise, studies have proven that the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous areas in your home. One out of every three […]

What is a Carpenter?

Carpenters Ottawa used to be defined only as a person who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures. At least – that’s the dictionary definition.  We define Carpenters Ottawa as much more.  Today the carpentry trade encompasses more than just wood working.  It’s everything from framing to finishing, covering many aspects in between.  A registered […]

side view of stone on wall

Wall Stone

     Stone wall applications can add a classic, elegant touch to your walls as seen on the above pictures from previous jobs we’ve completed. A question we often get asked from our clients is “What is the difference between Real Stone and Fake Stone”? Cultured stone (or “fake stone” as some may say) is […]

modern glass backsplash tile in kitchen

How to measure for Tile and Baseboard

Have you ever been confused about the difference between a linear foot and a square foot measurement? We often get this question from some of our DIY clients looking to take on little projects themselves. Linear means extending along a straight line. This is a length measurement used for calculating things like baseboard or door […]

Selling or Buying a Home

Thinking of selling your home? Don’t wait for a potential buyer to have an inspection on your home only to find issues which could affect the negotiations or raise doubt about the purchase.   Gordmay Construction has experience in every aspect of home construction from the foundation up to the roof.  We will do an […]