Proper Ways to Stain your Deck

Installing or replacing a deck can be an expensive affair. That’s why it’s vital to maintain it properly and extend its life as much as you can. Regular maintenance will keep your deck looking great and ensure that it’s well protected from the elements as well.

Depending on the wear and tear, you will only need to clean and stain it once every one or two years. Our Ottawa deck builders at Gordmay have put together a brief guide that would help you carry out this basic deck maintenance yourself.


If you have a good plan, you won’t have too much trouble while staining the deck. That’s especially true if this is the first time you’re tackling such a project. You’ll save a lot of time if you have all the materials on hand. When you’re devising a plan, consider the following points:

  • Choose the right cleaning product for the deck wood
  • Choose your preferred stain. It can be clear, semi-transparent, toners or solid colour stains.
  • Purchase all the materials you need like gloves, brushes, rollers, sanding sponge, etc.

Preparing the Surface

Once you have all the materials in place, you should pick a free day and start working on the project. Before you can apply the stain, you should prepare the surface by following the steps listed below:

  • Sweep the deck and remove the leaves and dust.
  • Apply the cleaner and allow it to set before removing it with water. You can use the garden hose for this.
  • Scrub the surface to remove any residue and stubborn stains.
  • Rinse the deck thoroughly using the garden hose – you can also use a pressure washer, however ensure the nozzle is kept at a safe distance from the boards to avoid damage


You need to make sure that the deck is clean before applying the stain. Failing to wait until it’s completely dry will compromise the finish.

  • Use the roller to carefully apply the stain. Avoid working in bright sunlight or during the afternoon.
  • Wait 4 hours before you apply the second coat.
  • Allow the stain to dry for 24 to 48 hours before you use the deck.

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