Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Tips for Beautiful Bathroom Renovations

We spend more time than we realize in our bathrooms. It’s the one place where we have absolute privacy. We can relax in our bath for several minutes after a long day of work and let our bodies soak in the heat from the warm water. It’s hardly surprising that people spend so much time and effort on their bathroom renovations. At Gordmay Construction, we’ve observed that careful planning and a bit of forethought can ensure that a bathroom renovation is a complete success. Take a look at these 5 tips for beautiful bathrooms for guidance.


1 – Classic and Functional

A classic style is always distinctly better than any trendy or passing fad. There are many people who install unique or trendy fixtures and later end up regretting their decision. A bathroom looks best when it has clean, elegant fixtures and doesn’t seem crowded and scattered. When you’re browsing through fixtures, try to choose something that would appeal to anyone and is fully functional. This will help you start off on the right foot on your bathroom renovation.

2 – Choose the Right Tub

It’s a good idea to check out your bathtub options thoroughly before you purchase one. Some people assume that a bigger tub would be an excellent idea. Its very important to buy a tub that will fit into your bathroom space perfectly. You should also check whether the size of the tub is comfortable enough and that it complements the overall design theme of your bathroom.  Keep the water capacity factor in mind; larger tubs are bound to use more water.

3 – Mirror

Mirrors always look great in bathrooms, especially if the room is small. Mirrors will add light and brightness to the bathroom and make it look larger. They’re also very functional for several bathroom duties. A beautifully framed mirror would immediately make your bathroom look stylish, timeless and elegant.

4 – Lighting

It’s important to install good lighting in your bathroom. A dark space can be risky and one that is too bright can look stark. We recommend that you install dimmers in your bathroom; this would give you the brightness you need and allow you to dim the lights whenever you feel like it.

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