Cold Air Leaks and Insulation

Winter can be brutal on your home and cause considerable problems for you to fix after the season has passed. However, if you observe a few precautions before and during the winter season, you might be able to save some money on both energy bills and repairs. At Gordmay, we’ve put together a few repairs that are easy to do and would save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Seal the Gaps

One of the easiest repairs to do before and during winter is to seal the gaps in your walls and near the windows and doors. Gaps can let cold air and moisture in and cause heat to leak out. Sealing the gaps is very easy. You can place weather stripping around the doors and windows to seal them properly.

You can use caulking to seal gaps in the walls. You need to find areas where the walls let air in and cause the room to become drafty. Once you’ve found these areas, it’s only a matter of sealing them. You should also seal areas around the electrical boxes and lights.

Look for Gaps in the Insulation

It’s never too late to seal the gaps in your insulation. You won’t realize just how energy-efficient your home will become and how much warmer it can be until you complete this step. You can check areas around installations that penetrate the wall. This consists of pipes, faucets, plumbing, air vents, etc. It’s very likely that you’ll find an air leak in these common areas.  Do you ever walk past a wall in your home and it feels cold to the touch?  If it’s an exterior wall, the insulation or vapor barrier may not be installed correctly which could cause unwanted drafts or cold air to enter your home.

Check the Insulation and Ventilation in the Attic

If you live in areas that experience snowfall, you need to check the attic to see if it’s properly insulated and ventilated. If you don’t do this, it’s very likely that the heat from the home will escape through the roof and cause problems like ice dams. You need to make sure that the gutters of your roof are clear as well. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the gutter system during the winter to ensure that it doesn’t get blocked and cause water damage and leakage.

At Gordmay, we always recommend that you call in a professional for any home repairs. A professional will be able to assess the overall condition of your home and suggest the right repairs. You can contact us if you want help. Our number is 613 715 4841. You can also fill in this contact us form.