The Beam Installation Process Explained

Beams are an important aspect of your home’s frame and structure. They bear the weight of the building and make sure everything stays in place. A load-bearing beam is essential if you intend to remove load supporting walls and open up your floor plan for more space. This is a relatively big project that requires […]

What is a Carpenter?

Carpenters Ottawa used to be defined only as a person who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures. At least – that’s the dictionary definition.  We define Carpenters Ottawa as much more.  Today the carpentry trade encompasses more than just wood working.  It’s everything from framing to finishing, covering many aspects in between.  A registered […]

side view of stone on wall

Wall Stone

     Stone wall applications can add a classic, elegant touch to your walls as seen on the above pictures from previous jobs we’ve completed. A question we often get asked from our clients is “What is the difference between Real Stone and Fake Stone”? Cultured stone (or “fake stone” as some may say) is […]